Wildlife Babies

Found an orphaned animal?

Please call our wildlife hotline at 403-946-2361 to ensure the animal you have found is truly orphaned. Many animals are mistaken for orphans, and as a result are needlessly separated from their parents. Help us to to keep wild babies with their wild parents.

Read more about baby wildlife (click links to view .pdf):

Deter Geese from Nesting

To Our Fellow Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres:

Thanks to the generosity of The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada, we were awarded funds in 2019 to create standardized online educational materials about the natural behaviours of many species that are unnecessarily separated from their parents by well-meaning members of the public. These include songbirds, fawns, porcupines, hares, squirrels, ducklings, skunks, and birds of prey.

We have editable formats of each PSA (see above) giving you the opportunity to use the PSAs we have created, but with the ability to easily include your organization’s name and phone number on the poster instead. View an example.

Please contact us at info@aiwc.ca if you would like to receive a link to download all of the PSAs in editable format. We are happy to share the information and resource to help more wildlife in need and to keep healthy babies in the wild where they belong.