25 Years of Saving Wild Lives

On April 20th, 2018 Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) will celebrate its 25th anniversary! Since our founding, we have cared for over 31,000 individual injured and orphaned wild animals, and have seen over 250 different native species.

AIWC’s wildlife hospital, formally the Westcott Church, was donated and moved to our location in 1995. It has been steadily renovated over the years to become the fully functioning wildlife hospital it is today. The building next to our hospital, the annex, was added to the property as a site for offices, staff and volunteer trainings, and education programs in 2009.

Our first outdoor enclosure for pre-release conditioning of patients was built in 1995 (duck boxes!), with the original raptor runway following in 1996. The most recent enclosures to be built have been:

  • Inter Pipeline Ltd.’s Aquatic Bird Building – Completed 2016.
  • Inter Pipeline Ltd.’s Outdoor Aquatic Mammal Enclosure – Completed 2017.
  • Inter Pipeline Ltd.’s Outdoor Waterfowl Enclosure – Completed 2017.
  • Airdrie Rotary Club’s Aerial Insectivore Enclosure – Completed 2017.
  • Imperial Oil’s Aerial Insectivore Enclosure – Completed 2017.

The volunteer team at AIWC has grown in size substantially over the years. Our volunteers are essential to keeping AIWC running smoothly. In

2017, our volunteers donated over 9,000 hours of their time, with tasks such as: wildlife hospital support, newsletter assembly, hotline calls, rescue driving, and more!

AIWC’s Wildlife Education Program continues to thrive. In 2017, we reached over 4,100 individuals. The more we can spread awareness about wildlife, creating strong co-existence between Albertans and wildlife, the more lives we can help save.

Our patient intakes have risen over the years too! In our first year, we admitted 111 animals. Now, we typically see 1,400-1,800 animals brought to us each year. Each year the demand for our services increases, and we need your support to ensure that AIWC is around for another 25 years to care for wildlife in need.

How You Can Help:

Celebrating 25 Years