After Hours Assistance

AIWC Hours of Operation:

May to July: 9am till 7:00pm / August to April: 9am to 5pm.

* AIWC is open 365 days a year, with modified hours on select statutory holidays.

If you find wildlife in distress while we are closed, please do the following:

  • Where possible, contain birds in cardboard boxes and mammals in plastic/metal crates. Ensure the box/crate is large enough for the animal to turn around, that it has adequate air holes for ventilation, and has a lid so the animal cannot escape.
  • Keep the animal in a warm, dark, and quiet room overnight. If you are unable to do this, please take the animal to one of the 24-hour vet clinics below.
  • Leave us a message at 403-946-2361, we will return to your call in the morning when we are open.

* For large animals (deer, moose) that have been hit by cars, we unfortunately cannot respond to these calls. Please call the Report-A-Poacher line at: 1-800-642-3800.

Vet Clinics:

These vet clinics are able to receive wildlife on AIWC’s behalf, there is no fee for dropping off the animal. The vet clinic will keep the animal overnight, and AIWC volunteers will collect the animal(s) in the morning and bring them to our centre.

24-hour Vet Clinics:

Regular Operating Hour Vet Clinics (check their website for hours):

Thank you for helping wildlife!