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Board of Directors

Greg PaulingChair

Greg has been a supporter of AIWC since 2013, and has been on the Board of Directors as Vice-Chair since 2022 after an earlier term on the Board from 2013-15. A retired lawyer and lifelong Calgarian, he has loved encounters with wildlife ever since a porcupine took up residence under the back porch of his family’s house when he was 4 years old. Seeing a wild mammal, bird or amphibian is always a highlight of his travels in southwest Alberta, and as a member of a local hiking club, he’s gradually adding to his admittedly limited store of wildlife knowledge by listening to the birders and retired veterinarians in the club. He can often be seen getting pulled around by the lively little mutt he dog-sits for one of his daughters.

Lisa Makinson Vice-Chair

Lisa is a CPA, CA and joined the AIWC Board of Directors in the fall of 2022. Lisa is a Business Unit Controller for a large Mid-steam company in Calgary’s Oil and Gas industry. Having been a lifelong supporter of animal welfare, Lisa is committed to doing what she can to help ensure Alberta’s wildlife has a fighting chance and is thrilled to be a part of AIWC. Lisa is also the President of one of Canada’s largest animal rescue organizations and brings several years of board governance experience in animal welfare to AIWC.

Colin PattersonTreasurer

Colin is in his first term on AIWC’s Board of Directors. Originally from Saskatchewan, he grew up on his family's ranch where they raised bison and a variety of other livestock. In addition to his family’s background as ranchers and farmers, three of Colin's immediate family members have enjoyed careers as veterinarians or as a registered veterinary technologist. Professionally, Colin is dual qualified as both a lawyer and an accountant. He works for Deloitte in their Disputes Advisory practice, specializing in the areas of quantifying economic losses, business valuations, and forensic accounting after living and working internationally for the previous three years. Colin’s enthusiasm for wildlife and habitat conservation has him excited to support AIWC’s mission in the years ahead.

Stacey BargeSecretary

Stacey’s passion for wildlife comes from her background as a registered veterinary technologist and having worked with wildlife in the past as a volunteer. She also has a level one certification in wildlife rehabilitation. Animals have always been a passion of hers. Stacey currently works full time as a wildlife and portrait artist. When not drawing you can find her hiking, backpacking or paddle boarding in the beautiful Canadian backcountry. She resides with her husband, two golden retrievers and two cats.

Jennifer KaiserPast Chair/Director

Jen first joined AIWC as a volunteer in April 2013, volunteering in the clinic and as editor of AIWC's newsletter, the Recovery Review. She served as Chair of the Board of Directors from July 2016 to June 2024, remaining on as Past Chair and Director. Jen currently works in legal operations management for a tech startup. Jen believes each person shares in the responsibility to preserve all local wildlife, from impressive owls and eagles to the squirrels, songbirds, and other urban wildlife that frequent our backyards. She is honoured to have the opportunity to serve on this dedicated Board, and to support and grow AIWC’s success.

Suze DetombeDirector

Recognizing my lifelong commitment to animals and their welfare, a good friend gifted me with a membership to AIWC for my birthday in 2009 and I started volunteering that same year. Since then I have contributed many volunteer shift hours as a rescue driver and center worker as well as participating on many committees and initiatives including membership, education, community outreach and writing articles for the Recovery Review. I look forward to the next opportunity of working with an incredibly talented group of people as a member on AIWC’s Board of Directors. I am a Federal public servant working as a Flight Operations Technical Team Lead within the Civil Aviation branch of Transport Canada, which allows me to enjoy my lifelong passion of aviation.

Shannon Tanner, Director

Shannon TannerDirector

Having lived on an acreage for 30 years I was privileged to interact with wildlife daily. From the birds we fed in our orchard, to our resident porcupine, the moose, deer, fox, and of course coyotes, there was always something around to admire! My love of animals began with my dogs, cats, and horses, and grew during university summer jobs at a zoo where I was fortunate to work with a variety of animals, large and small. I have an administrative business background, and volunteer in varying capacities regularly, including non-profit Board experience. I am a certified Horticulturist in greenhouse crop production, retired hobby Beekeeper, now Beekeeping Consultant, certified Raw Food Chef, and I love to read. I am excited to continue as a member of the Board of Directors of AIWC and work in support of this wonderful organization and their contribution to the welfare of our local wildlife!

Monica KovacSDirector

Monica is a new addtion to the AIWC board of directors this year. Previously, Monica was a center volunteer from 1995 to 2010 at which time she was accepted into Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary requiring her to step back for a time. She is current a small animal and exotics veterinarian working in the Airdrie area. She has always had a love and passion for wildlife exploring nature. Outside of volunteering for AIWC and working, you will find Monica traveling, gardening and hiking with her 2 dogs Duke and Bindi.

Tricia SternerDirector

Tricia holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc. in Software Engineering. As a Professional Engineer, Tricia specialized in designing and building technology solutions in the pipeline sector.

Animals and volunteering have always been significant aspects of Tricia’s life. After retiring in 2017, she started volunteering at AIWC in wildlife rehabilitation and rescue driving. She also volunteers at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo in the commissary.

Tricia is passionate about wildlife conservation and firmly believes that every life is valuable and deserving of protection. She is committed to AIWC’s Mission and Strategic Plan and is looking forward to contributing as a board member.