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Corporate Partners

Why partner with us?

When you partner with AIWC to help injured and orphaned wildlife, you also help your company:

How can you partner with AIWC?

There are many ways your company can partner with AIWC, and we look forward to working with you to personalize the partnership to best engage your employees and customers, and align with your community engagement and donation strategies. Lets work together to to preserve a legacy of wildlife in Alberta. 

AIWC strives to create shared value. For us, this means achieving more together than we could alone.

We are so fortunate that here in Alberta we are surrounded by a variety of wildlife – from the urban hares in our front yards, to the robins that are the first exciting sign that spring is coming, to the excitement when we see a bear or moose in the mountains, our wildlife is one of the greatest resources Alberta has. Ask any of your customers or employees about their favourite local wildlife, and you will hear so many great stories and see eyes light up – now imagine if they know that your company is also helping these animals – helping them survive when they are in trouble, and thrive when they are back in the wild.

When you partner with AIWC to preserve a legacy of wildlife in Alberta, you also help your company to reach your target audience, enhance your brand image, and demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability.

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