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Each year the demand for our services increases.

In 2018, AIWC:

  • Treated 1,066 wild animals and helped hundreds more by assisting members of the public with wildlife-related issues, educating Albertans about natural wildlife behaviours and how best to live alongside our wildlife; and
  • Answered more than 4,100 wildlife related calls, providing assistance and information to support the wellbeing, and, in some cases, the survival, of animals.

12 ways you can support our efforts:

  1. Donate – Every little truly does help!
  2. Adopt an Animal.
  3. Sponsor a recovering patient.
  4. Invite our education team to your classroom.
  5. Become a friend of AIWC.
  6. Help us build new enclosures and rehabilitation spaces. Contact us for a donor package.
  7. Donate to the AIWC Forever Home Campaign.
  8. Volunteer!
  9. Give from our wish list.
  10. Leave a legacy or planned gift. Contact us for more information.
  11. Attend an AIWC event.
  12. Bring home your own copy of AIWC’s first children’s book: Scared Skunk.

It all comes down to this:

“We don’t own the earth. We are the earth’s caretakers. We take care of it and all the things on it. And when we’re done with it, it should be left better than we found it.” ― Katherine Hannigan, author.

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Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) plans to raise $500,000 this year through fundraising campaigns and initiatives. It will cost the organization approximately $25,000 to raise this amount.The funds raised will go to support AIWC’s mission:

AIWC is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and orphaned wildlife. We provide expert advice and education that fosters an appreciation of wildlife.

For further information, please contact Holly Lillie, 403-946-2361.

Feeding just one fawn from May through October costs over $500.

Feeding a large owl costs $6-8 per day.

Feeding a Blue jay or other corvid species costs $10 per week.