sep 29

Ghost moose - virtual talk

7pm to 8pm MT.

Have you ever seen a white moose? Alberta and North America in general are seeing increasing numbers of them. We’re not talking about Albinism, rather something is stressing these animals to the point they’re losing the pigmentation in their fur. We’re going to learn what’s causing this concerning phenomenon.

Oct 20

Flights of Fancy

7pm to 8pm MT.

Alberta is a magnificent province, with dramatic landscapes and an amazing diversity of wildlife. From the western mountains to the eastern parklands, and from the northern boreal forest to the southern grasslands, there is beauty to be found! Just as importantly, however, is the beauty and awe that awaits us in our own backyards and gardens. Join Myrna as she shares and celebrates her love of Alberta nature through photography and stories.

Oct 27

Anthropomorphism of Animals - Virtual Talk

7pm to 8pm MT.

Do animals think and feel the same way humans do? Anthropomorphism is the act of assigning human emotions and traits to animals, an incredibly common habit for humans. In this talk we get to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of anthropomorphising wildlife.

Nov 17

Nature’s balancing act - Ecosystem interactions and fallout - Virtual Talk

7pm to 8pm MT.

At some point in our life we’ve learnt the importance of balance in an ecosystem, and how removing one organism can affect an entire food web, but just how far can the fallout go? What are some of the more overlooked effects of these disruptions? Can the lives of those not invested in conservation be affected by the disappearance of one tiny organism?

dec 8

Spot the Difference - Virtual Talk

7pm to 8pm MT.

If we could quantify it, do you think humans can find more things in common with wildlife than we have differences? Are we more dissimilar than we are alike? It’s easy enough for us to make comparisons with something like an ape, but we’ll take the time to look at a variety of unusual creatures and figure out what part empathy plays in wildlife conservation.