Program Testimonials

Class Photo with CheyenneTestimonials:

“The instructors were awesome, personable and interested in the children’s questions with genuine interest. The students can always tell!”

“At the end of our school day I try to get in a “I’m grateful for…” circle with my class. I can’t tell you how many of them were grateful for the program and for the work that AIWC does to help wild things. So thank you to you and your staff and volunteers!”
Would you recommend this program to colleagues?

“This is something students will always remember and is a special and unique experience!”

“I also appreciated the cost of your program as some programs cost so much, I could never hope to book them! The cost was totally appropriate and achievable for schools and I think this makes the program accessible to schools in all areas of the city. Thank you! I would book again in the future!”