Volunteer Opportunities

At AIWC, we have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available.

We are currently recruiting for:

  • Summer Pick-Up Driver: Summer pick-up drivers help to retrieve injured and orphaned wildlife from a variety of locations, and bring them to AIWC’s hospital for treatment. We expect volunteers in this position to commit to volunteering at least 12 hours per month (though more is always appreciated!) This is a short-term position going from the end of April – August; volunteers interested in staying past this time are welcome to transfer to another role after this period!
  • Summer Hotline Assistant: Summer Hotline Assistants are responsible for following up on calls received while AIWC is closed, and recording call details in an online log. This position is done from home in the mornings and evenings, and is a short-term position from the end of April – August.

The next recruitment session will be held in September 2020. All applications received from January 4th to August will be saved for this session.

Apply to volunteer at AIWC! 


Tundra Swan that was over-wintered at AIWC and released in spring of 2014.


Mule deer  that was released in early 2014.


Snowy Owl, released in late 2013.