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Join Us in #BandingTogether!

We are very excited to launch our new #BandingTogether campaign!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to view our adorable campaign video, check it out on YouTube here

At AIWC, we believe everyone has the responsibility to take care of Alberta’s Wildlife, and we’re asking you all to #BandTogether and help support our efforts as we promote a strong relationship between Albertans and wildlife. After all, 95% of the animals we treat are injured or orphaned due to interactions with humans, and we admitted almost 1,700 animals in 2015, with a 47% success rate.

There are two ways you can purchase your own #BandingTogether band and show your support ($10 each and all proceeds support our care of orphaned, injured, and oiled wildlife):

1. Online, via PayPal, through our website: https://www.aiwc.ca/banding-together/ 

2. In person at one of our many host stores in Calgary, Edmonton, Cochrane, or Airdrie (full list below)

Once you have your band, make sure you show your support for wildlife by #BandingTogether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, showing off your band and what you’re doing to help Alberta’s wildlife – and be sure to tag us!

For other ways you can support Alberta’s wildlife, visit our campaign page: https://www.aiwc.ca/banding-together/ and be sure to share our page and the video with your friends!

We thank you so much for your support and help making this campaign a success!

Banding Together Stores

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