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An AIWC Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching and the crunch to buy that perfect gift is definitely on for some shoppers. And while shopping online and at the local mall are obvious destinations, we at AIWC think our online store can be your new one-stop shop for all your gifting needs this season. Not only does our store offer a variety of great gifts, each purchase made in our online store helps support our efforts to save and protect Alberta’s wildlife.

If you’re in the market for gifts that do some good, look no further than our handy gift guide that will in turn make an animal’s days merry and bright.

  • For the bookworm in your life: You know the type – they’re much more likely to have their nose in a book than they are to be parked in front of the TV, and they can spend hours wandering around any given book store. Regardless of their age, if you know a book-lover who also happens to love animals, the Scared Skunk book is the perfect gift for them. A true story about an orphaned skunk who encounters dangerous litter and eventually gets the help it needs, this book packs a punch with its illustrations, fun trivia, and charitable donation (with 100% of proceeds benefitting AIWC’s efforts).
  • For the animal lover who can’t have a pet: Whether it’s because they live in an apartment in the city, or they suffer from allergies, we all know an animal lover who would like nothing more than to have a furry friend in their home. This season, you can help make that a reality by giving them the gift of symbolic adoption. With a variety of adorable plush animals to choose from – including a red fox, a beaver, and a moose that each come with a symbolic adoption certificate – your loved one can adopt an adorable plushy while knowing that the net proceeds from each plushy sale helps fund AIWC’s rescuing efforts. These also make great gifts for kids of all ages!
  • For the person who’s impossible to shop for: Maybe they have really esoteric tastes, or maybe they seem to have everything they could ever want. Regardless of the reason why, if you know someone who’s difficult to shop for, AIWC is here to help. By sponsoring an animal in their name, you’ll be able to share the love for a deserving AIWC patient with a thoughtful, altruistic gift that’s unlike any other they’ll receive this season. It’s a total win-win situation!
  • For the person who hates clutter: If you know someone who’s minimalistic in both style and attitude, you know all too well that they’re incredibly hard to shop for because you know that whatever they receive this holiday season will soon be re-gifted to the nearest thrift store to reduce their home’s clutter level. Luckily, AIWC’s got you covered with low-clutter gift ideas that range from charitable donations and memberships to wall calendars and toques.

By Giselle Wedemire, AIWC Volunteer

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