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Donation Items Needed for AIWC Garage Sale!!

Are there things you want to purge during your spring cleaning? If so, you’re just in time to donate much needed items to AIWC’s upcoming garage sale!! 

The last opportunity to donate items is June 3rd from 11 – 2 at the AIWC property.

Tell your friends, your family and your colleagues! 

Thank your for your support! 

We are happy to accept the following items:

Small working appliances, tools, dishware, artwork, frames, books, jewelry, home décor, pet accessories, chairs, children’s toys, garden tools and equipment, camping equipment, and sporting equipment.

Please no:
Clothes, magazines, large furniture, large exercise equipment, electronics such as box style TVs
or child car seats

For any questions regarding AIWC’s garage sale, please email us at [email protected].

2 thoughts on “Donation Items Needed for AIWC Garage Sale!!”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve heard of your awesome garage sales. So, just wondering when the next one is to be held, presumably in 2019? Or will there be another one during the remaining days of 2018?

    1. Hi Bryan,
      That’s great you’ve heard about our garage sales. Our next garage sale will be in May 2019, we’re hoping to release the dates in early 2019 and will have one in May, June, and July. Thanks so much!

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