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Help AIWC win $5,000!


Did you know that you can help AIWC win $5,000 by simply voting for us in a competition? We have been entered into the All Star Slots charity competition and we need your help to win the top slot and earn $5,000 for AIWC!

With your help, we can win $5,000 that will be put towards crucial food and medical supplies needed for the nearly 2,000 wild animals we admit each year. The cost to rehabilitate an individual animal can range from over $100.00 to over $1,000.00.

We need your support to provide wildlife with a second chance. 95% of the cases we see are admitted due to human conflict in some way, whether it be they were hit by a car, hit a window or powerline, were attacked by a cat or dog, or unintentionally kidnapped by a well-meaning individual.

Please consider voting for AIWC. Registration or sharing of personal information is not required, it takes a couple of clicks and AIWC is then one stop closer to winning much needed funds.

Vote for AIWC today:

Thank you for your support!

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