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Month of May Baby Shower


All the signs of spring are here… the weather is getting warmer, tulips and daffodils have surfaced and the sweet songs of robins fill the air. Unfortunately, though, otherwise healthy baby hares have begun to arrive at AIWC due to unnecessary intervention by well-meaning members of the public.

Baby hares are one example of the many reasons why busy season has arrived at AIWC, and why it is just the beginning in terms of the numbers of animals who will come into our care during the spring and summer months.  History shows that our clinic can expect to have 200-300 patients in care between May and September – most of them babies such as bunnies, nestlings and skunk kits.

Please remember to keep this excerpt from last week’s blog in mind “a baby hare that appears abandoned may not be in any trouble at all but could be waiting for his or her mom to come back to feed them. Mother hares often leave their babies for hours during the day to avoid attracting predators with her scent or movement. Moving these babies can cause far more problems than leaving them. Before intervening with a lone baby or in any situation, give AIWC a call for advice”.

Other than leaving baby hares where you find them, there are many ways to help support AIWC’s wildlife babies this spring. Members of the community can get involved by simply finding out more about our Annual Month of May Baby Shower:

  • Enter our Feeders for Feathers contest!
  • Donate to our baby shower!
  • Attend our onsite talk!
  • Donate items from our wish list!
  • Buy a copy of Scared Skunk!

Please visit our website at for more details on ways to help during the month of May!

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