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Teaching Wildlife Conservation

At AIWC, we believe education programs that emphasize the importance of environmental protection may be the most important investment we can offer Alberta’s youth. If you’ve seen our Banding Together campaign video, you’ve seen how fostering a connection between children and wildlife can foster a live-long appreciation and advocacy for wild animals.

To support this understanding, AIWC is dedicated to teaching kids about wildlife conservation and offers a range of Wildlife Education Programs. These programs cover topics such as animals of Alberta, wetlands, animal adaptations, wildlife migration patterns, and several species-specific presentations.

Like AIWC, many other organizations, including the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada, the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area, and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, understand that knowledge is power. Educating youth on the importance of nature and wildlife grows a sense of connection which may inspire more time spent outdoors engaging with the environment and those animals we share it with.

In turn, this engagement is expected to foster a respect for natural surroundings and grow a generation dedicated to ensuring the environment is protected for decades to come. Not to mention, the added side effect of improved health and well being from being active outdoors!

If you would like to book an education event, and support the leaders of tomorrow, simply complete a Wildlife Education Program Request.

By: S. Ruddock, Volunteer Writer

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