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Bark for the Bites


Our local forests provide important habitats and food staples for much of Alberta’s wildlife and many of AIWC’s patients.  Trees provide nest areas for birds, building materials for rodents, cover and camouflage for ground dwelling animals, and food for ungulates such as moose.  The shade from large trees provides the necessary environments for many of Alberta’s berries, while downfall supports the growth of fungi which serve as important nutrient sources for squirrels, bears and insects (among others).

Porcupines like to consume the inner tree bark of many coniferous trees, while beavers tend to prefer the bark of deciduous trees.  Many animals need the seeds for survival.

Currently AIWC has a number of patients – including porcupines and beavers –  who would benefit from donations of fresh aspen, poplar, or willow branches for either food or a temporary habitat.  Additional in-kind donations of the following are also welcome and will help to ensure our creature friends have sanctuaries suitable for their recovery while at AIWC:



All-purpose cleaner

High efficiency laundry soap (unscented and phosphate free)

Toilet paper

Extra-large garbage bags

Fresh/frozen blueberries



Corn on the cob

Lean ground beef


Volunteers are also always needed at the centre so consider signing up to help move trees around, and to support our patients in getting back to their wild homes!


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