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NWRA 2016 Symposium


Each year the National Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Association (NWRA) holds a symposium for wildlife rehabilitators. This year’s conference was held in Norman, Oklahoma, and myself and Stacey (Director of Wildlife Care) were fortunate to attend.

With more than 130 hours of presentations, the NWRA symposium is designed to increase the knowledge of wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, and educators. It goes far beyond this though by truly inspiring and rejuvenating wildlife rehabilitators. Stacey and I left the conference bursting with new ideas and excited to start implementing them at AIWC.

Highlights of the conference included visiting the WildCare Foundation, a wildlife rehabilitation centre like AIWC and the largest wildlife centre in Oklahoma. Each year, the WildCare Foundation admits more than 6000 wildlife patients! It was great to see how such a large centre operates and gave us ideas on how we can improve our space at AIWC.

Meeting fellow wildlife rehabbers is always a treat and we loved discussing techniques and animal care with our peers. We hope to attend the 2017 NWRA Symposium and continue our education so we can provide the best care possible to the patients entrusted into our care.

– Holly, Executive Director.

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